Welcome to the Hemp Highway of Kentucky.  Discover the self-directed free tour that gets you off the interstate and rolling through the beautiful Bluegrass countryside.

The Hemp Highway of Kentucky starts with the 13 historical road side markers in 11 Kentucky counties that discuss the hemp in Kentucky.  12 of these markers are located in 10 counties stretching through the heart of the Bluegrass. This creates the frame for the Hemp Highway of Kentucky. The historical markers introduce key events and characters in Kentucky’s rich hemp history.  The text of the markers starts in the earliest pioneer days and continues the story through the mid-20th Century.

Additionally the Hemp Highway of Kentucky identifies relevant places of interest in each county.  These sites all have a connection to the history or future of the hemp industry in the Commonwealth.  Historical attractions include restored mansions originally built with hemp generated wealth.  We also look for modern businesses located in warehouses and other structures built by pioneers in the hemp industry.  The Hemp Highway also features adventures at locations currently engaged in Kentucky’s hemp renaissance.

Watch this site while complete these “pictures” with essays and audio files.  These narratives help bring the historical characters and events to life.

Furthermore, the Hemp Highway of Kentucky wants to serve as a resource for kind places to shop and eat along the way.  Look for Hemp Highway of Kentucky gear at our on line store and partner businesses.  Make sure to please tell these merchants that you found them along the Hemp Highway of Kentucky.

Finally, the Hemp Highway of Kentucky is rather like a treasure hunt.  Because there will be sites and stories that you discover that we have not we . Therefore if you share these “treasures” with us we include them in the tour you will get your free choice of one of our bumper stickers.

Pick a stop and Hit the highway, the Hemp Highway of Kentucky!

Disclaimer: The Hemp Highway of Kentucky is an entertaining educational historical tour of Kentucky. We do not promote, condone, advocate or encourage any activity illegal in the state of Kentucky.